To stay ahead of the competition in an ever-changing world, it is a necessity to continuously optimise business processes and performance. Enabling improved customer engagement and increased efficiency, ultimately leading to additional turnover and profit. Many businesses implement software solutions that have been specifically designed and developed for your business processes. To ensure success, this requires expertise to understand your business processes, leading-edge technical knowledge and proven experience, in order to choose the most suitable development approach.

Whether you are looking for software development skills to increase the capacity of your existing team or looking to outsource a project to a partner, have a model which can be tailored to meet your businesses requirements.

The very heart of our delivery process is communication and building valuable relationships. Ensuring these two factors are actively taking place throughout the engagement leads to success. Supporting this across multiple locations can be a challenge, in addition to working with your current communication systems, such as instant messaging for ad-hoc discussion; we also provide a video conferencing facility at your offices. This means that stakeholder engagements, daily standups, project reviews and retrospectives are all held face to face through the capability of video conferencing. The ability for the team to see each other, read body language, share screens and documents lead to a high level of communication, better sense of working together and ultimately better outcomes.

Quality is at the heart of what we do and our Quality Assurance team help our clients release software that is fit for purpose avoiding expensive reworks and any financial impact of releasing defective software.

Does your organisation have peaks and troughs in demand for software development? Do you find I difficult to attract and retain talent? Are you over reliant on contactors? These are some of the reasons why clients partners with us and adopt an Extended Development Team.

If you have a project that you would like delivering by a trusted partner with an outstanding track record for delivering fit for purpose software on time and on budget, our Project Based IT Outsourcing service is right for you


we provide targeted consulting to design and plan your engagement. Every engagement starts with understanding your business and your specific goals, defining a solution based on that output and then planning for execution.

We recognise that you have to adapt your approach to every project and provide the right amount of analysis and the right type of analysis in order to move your initiative forward. We are skilled at capturing complex requirements and translating them into comprehensive specifications for large enterprise applications. We also off more agile approaches that allow development to accelerate and for you deliver value back to your business quickly.

Requirements Analysis

Taking a new set of business requirements and translating them into a robust plan for how technology will solve the problem takes effort and skill. Understanding and agreeing those business requirements, determining how different stakeholders will be impacted by the new system, what interdependencies there might be with other services are all complex issues to solve in a complex, fast moving business environment.

Our teams, based at our Manchester head office hold many years of experience taking large organisations through this complex journey. Each engagement consists of three specific areas of expertise, the Business Analyst who leads the overall engagement, Systems Architect who translates the requirements into a technology solution and a member of our Quality Assurance team to validate the overall output ensuring it is fit for purpose. This engagement is the first stage inProject Based IT Outsourcing with .

Systems Analysis

A common scenario that our clients share with us the challenge of marrying outputs from business analysis with the systems that are in place and ultimately providing a solution. This is common where the Business Analyst has limited technical expertise or does not have someone within the team that can support them from a technical perspective. often partner with these organisations to provide this Systems Analysis. We work with your Business Analyst and other stakeholders to provide the technical solution and supporting plan for execution.

Operational Analysis

To successfully introduce an Extended Development Team to increase capacity and expertise of your own onsite team there are several issues to consider and questions that need to be answered; What development methodology is in use? What coding standards need to be adhered to? What systems will be used to manage the process? Where are the bottlenecks in the process? How can we increase velocity?

With many years of successfully partnering with businesses we understand how to make the partnership work. Our Operational Analysis Service brings together all these questions, experiences and lessons learnt into a structured engagement that provides the blueprint for partnering with an external partner.


Software can be complex, based upon millions of lines of code, created to work across and integrate with multiple platforms. , we believe QA and Testing to be THE fundamental ingredient to ensuring successful delivery to customers, at the first time of asking!

It is not uncommon for organisations to treat Quality Assurance and Testing as the poor relation in the software development process. There are many reasons for this, the process not being understood by the board of the organisation (not usually willing to allow headcount to increase) or even sometimes by the software development team, who believe they have all testing handled by using Test Driven Development (TDD).

There are other approaches, which can assist you in rapid delivery and release of software, however we believe a belt and braces approach greatly increases your chance of successful release first time and therefore, mitigates the risk of letting your clients down, which no organisation can afford to do.

we have significant experience in Agile Development in numerous industries, partnering with companies as a provider of Extended Software Development Teams since 2006. In this time we have worked in SCRUM, Kanban and Lean organisations although it is important to note that these methodologies are not prescriptive and organisations adapt, borrow and mix these methodologies to suit their personal needs. Consequently our exposure to these approaches and the combinations allows us to adopt to your particular methodology quickly and productively.

’s Quality Assurance division houses exceptional talent who are passionate about quality assurance and successful software delivery. Our experts are ISTQB Accredited and hold vast experience in utilizing leading testing tools, whilst leveraging our proven Quality Assurance approach to enable clients to obtain smarter, more efficient Quality Assurance.

Our methodology is tailored and adapted to the status of the engagement we encounter and our Quality Assurance division once engaged then leverages our proven approach and a set of metrics to evaluate various quality aspects; not only quality of the final product but also the quality of the whole process to deliver the final product. Our approach addresses Requirements, Regression, Functional and Non Functional Testing. We also specialise in Automated testing to improve the speed, reliability and reduce the cost of repeatable testing requirements.

, we understand the challenges facing your organisation, both in the actual QA process and where we can add value and also in your budget limitations and have developed a number of approaches to aid organisations with their testing requirements.

These include extended QA teams which are a set of resources which are dedicated to aid you in your testing process, as well as our Testflex offering which allows clients to utilize key QA skills for a set period of time whilst there is a peak delivery, however, when that peak period ends, allows a client to retain access to their QA Manager contact.

One of our clients, Stinus Andersen at Morson International says that the recent project we did for them was “tested to destruction..” To see what else he has to say, you can watch the video testimonial.


Whether your business already has an internal software development team and looking to increase capacity, or is looking to build a new capability, 's Extended Software Development Team is a good option to consider.

The case for adopting a Extended Software Development Team is clear. The market place for software development talent is highly competitive and staff turnover rates across the industry are very high. This lack of talent is overheating hiring and salary costs in both the direct employment and contractor market.

Beyond the increasing costs of software development there are many other challenges businesses are facing. A common theme is the need for more flexibility and agility in the workforce allowing them to adjust capability inline with demand. Historically the option is to adopt contractors to fill this gap. The challenge with this model is that contractors are not only an expensive option but also pose risk to the business as there is little provision for retention of business and technical domain knowledge; a valuable asset that is built up over time.

Extended Software Development Team provides a model that addresses these challenges plus many other benefits. We can provide a team of skilled staff that are under your guidance to deliver on the requirements of your business. We integrate into your operating model with the goal of working as a single team.

If you want to build your capability whilst minimizing investment, increasing flexibility and retaining valuable domain knowledge a Extended Software Development Team is the right option for you.


Looking for a partner to work with you to deliver a software development project can be a challenge. Will the partner understand my business and the requirements of the application? How do I build innovation into the process? How can I demonstrate value back to the business quickly, not next year? How do I control the costs of the project? These are all common concerns that we hear from our clients.

Project Based IT Outsourcing service provides a model to deliver on your requirements and tackle these types of challenges. We can engage with you to deliver your software development project either using a waterfall or agile approach or a hybrid model that brings together an upfront requirements capture along with agile delivery.

Which ever model is most appropriate for your software development project.Project Based IT Outsourcing puts you in control. We recognise the importance of frequent feedback with you to ensure the vision and needs of your business are being met.

The delivery of new software applications is often time critical, underpinning wider business objectives to grow the business, save costs and increase competitiveness, we understand the importance of meeting your deadlines. With over 100+ staff involved in project management, business analysis, software development and quality assurance we have the capability to increase the velocity of your project to meet important deadlines.

If you are looking for a high quality partner to work with on your software development project that enables you to control costs whilst build in innovation we would welcome the opportunity to share with you how Project Based IT Outsourcing can work for you and your business.